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Warehouse of Games Ltd. (WOG) continues to expand and cultivate our product base to ensure the very best and innovative products for you, our customer. We offer a wide range of video, redemption, novelty, kiddy rides and other amusement equipment that suit the needs of a very demanding market place. In addition, we carry a wide range of spare parts and we offer the best after sale service. Our headquarter is located in Dubai based Jebel Ali Free Zone, which helps us to maintain lots of export throughout Middle East, India, Pakistan, Africa and some CIS countries.

Along with equipment supply, WOG provides a Turn-key services to include Themed Concept Design Development & Execution. Our success depends on your success, our customer, therefore, we are keen to develop a flexible and fair partnership with you. 

Warehouse of Games Ltd. is considered one of the largest suppliers of arcade games and rides for Family Entertainment Centers for the Middle East Region. Warehouse  of Games Ltd. represents most of the major manufacturers from all over the world, selling and servicing their products throughout the Middle East Region, North Africa, India and some of the CIS countries.


To mention few of our partners:

  • Simuline  
  • Adrenaline Amusements
  • Vogos   
  • Namco
  • Five Star Redemption
  • Raw Thrills
  • Global VR
  • SkeeBall
  • UNIS
  • Andamiro
  • Memo Park
  • Infunny
  • Face Place Photo
  • ICE
  • WIK
  • Kalkomat
  • Pure Novelty
  • Kriss Sports
  • Adalio
  • Roberto Sports
  • Semnox
  • Wahalap
  • Subsino
  • Saint-Fun
  • and many others..


We want to be the best in what we represent and sell, but we want our customers to be fully satisfied with our services. Our dedication to our customers by providing the best after sale service by recruiting the most qualified technical team and investing in keeping stock level of spare parts on hand, keeping game down time to a minimum. 14 years of excellence and growth in the Middle East region, the more reason to deal with us again.


  • Spare Parts
    Warehouse of Games knows that business success of our customers lies heavily on keeping the machines working properly 24/7, therefore we have invested in a spare parts inventory in our stock in order to reduce the downtime to a minimum.
  • Technical Support
    Warehouse of Games is dedicated to keeping every game in the field fully operational for each operator. Our technical team can repair most electronic coin mechanisms, monitor chassis, game boards, computers and power supplies.  
  • Turn-Key Solution
    At Warehouse of Games we pride ourselves on not just being Architects; we are also certified executors. We specialize in the concept design as well as in execution.   Using our expertise and knowledge, we thoroughly evaluate…
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